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Making OOP Work in XQuery
The concept of using XQuery as a mechanism for generating web pages is a comparatively new one in the XML Database and XQuery engine world, but the benefits to do so should be fairly obvious. Indeed, there's been a new meme that's begun appearing under the heading XRX, which stands for XQuery, REST, and XForms, though that last particular X could also stand, just as effectively, for XMLHttpRequestObject, the central component in the AJAX world.
Harmony comes to JavaScript, but Not Everyone's Singing
A long and contentious struggle came to an end this week as ECMA Technical Committee 39, responsible for the development and maintenance of ECMAScript (known universally everywhere else as JavaScript), voted to establish ECMAScript 3.1 as the next "trunk" branch for the venerable web browser language, rather than the more ambitious (and contentious ECMAScript 4.0). While the breaking of the deadlock is a momentous achievement, not everyone is happy with it.
Google Open Sources Google XML Pages
Given the mind-numbingly large number of pages that Google serves up every day, compiled efficiency is a key requirement for their web development team. However, as with many organizations, Google's team has also needed to split up their development efforts, so that web designers do not need to be programmers (and more importantly, do not need to endlessly spend their time validating and debugging low level code), and the core developers could spend time building components.
Drupal as Open Architecture
I have a confession to make - after close to a decade covering XML, I have something of a new love ... and the name of that love is Drupal. Drupal's become one of those interesting hobbies that is rapidly becoming both a profession and a passion. It wasn't supposed to happen this way ... by rights, I should be deeply in the world of Ruby on Rails right now, or learning the latest deep programming secrets of Python, but somewhere along the line I realized one of those ugly little fundamental truths that good programmers should never actually learn - that at some point, recreating the wheel yet again begins to lose its luster, and, indeed, become rather ... well ... dull.
Is Telework the New Face of the Agile Workforce?
The idea that twenty-somethings have to commute an hour plus each way to an office and work eight hours a day in a cubicle seems absurd to them. As they become the work force, expect the days of the cubicle to become numbered.
Mark Shuttleworth and the Art of Software Engineering
Mark Shuttleworth's life to date seems more like the daring hero of a science fiction pulp magazine than that of a programmer. A South African programmer working on the earliest Debian code, he founded a company called Thawte which specialized...
Data messaging formats represent the life-blood of any distributed application. The ability to pass information back and forth between disparate systems becomes crucial for any organization, but for companies such as Google, the challenge of setting up communications between the thousands of different servers that host the various Google services forced the need for a specialized format that met their needs in particular.<
Investing and the Social Networking Life Cycle
Social Networks have been around since the inception of bulleting board systems in the mid 1980s, and each one of them seems, for a time at least, to be the radical new paradigm that establishes how people will interact with one another over the web. Certainly, this seems to be the case to those investors (whether individual or corporate) who pay surprisingly stiff premiums in order to be a part of the next big wave, yet in truth social networking sites have a surprisingly consistent "life-cycle" that seems to play out regardless of the "angle" that the sites have.
The Emerging Carbon (Computing) Age
In the early 1970s, the integrated circuit came of age, marking the ascention of what could best be described as the silicon era. Silicon, the most common material in the Earth's crust, proved to be remarkably useful for its ability...
The global slowdown is beginning to take its toll on more exposed hardware and consulting companies. On Friday, July 10, Sun began sending out pink slips to more than 1000 employees, primarily in the marketing and sales areas as part...
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