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Change To Google Earth Requires Corroboration For User Entries
It appears that Google has made changes which do address the concerns of the company's critics on the issue of political bias.
Google Earth Delivers Geographic Data, Satellite Imagery, and Political Bias
Google users trust that they receive accurate data from Google's products and services. What happens when that data contains biases in heavily-disputed subjects? Recent activity brings up questions of trust.
Linus Torvalds on Linux Distributions
"And when it comes to distributions, ease of installation has actually been one of my main issues - I'm a technical person, but I have a very specific area of interest, and I don't want to fight the rest."
Vector Linux SOHO 5.9 Deluxe -- Not Just For The Office
You get all the reliability and stability of Slackware, better performance than vanilla Slack (at least on my hardware) and the features and most of the conveniences users of distributions touted as user friendly have come to expect.
Slackware 12.1 - The Newest Version of the Oldest Surviving Linux Distribution
Slackware has a well earned reputation for reliability, stability, and performance. It may also be the least user friendly major Linux distribution on the planet short of building Linux From Scratch.

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