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Final Day to Save! --
That's what O'Reilly School of Technology student David Hammond said about his experience. And he should know; he's a computer science student at a large east coast school. Self-paced online courses in IT, with one-on-one coaching and proven teaching techniques. Get certified! Enroll Today and Save 30%!
Google Chrome has interesting implications for the web and technology, but how does it work as a browser? Scott Berkun's initial review of the browser as only a browser is the most interesting.
via a recent post to the V8-Dev mailing list, the always impressive Seo Sanghyeon provided the following info and patch related to building the V8 virtual machine on Linux via GCC 4.3: Hello, everybody, I had to do the following...
Making OOP Work in XQuery
The concept of using XQuery as a mechanism for generating web pages is a comparatively new one in the XML Database and XQuery engine world, but the benefits to do so should be fairly obvious. Indeed, there's been a new meme that's begun appearing under the heading XRX, which stands for XQuery, REST, and XForms, though that last particular X could also stand, just as effectively, for XMLHttpRequestObject, the central component in the AJAX world.
Change To Google Earth Requires Corroboration For User Entries
It appears that Google has made changes which do address the concerns of the company's critics on the issue of political bias.
It seems Google has decided the world needs Yet Another WebKit-based Browser: Chrome. Chrome? That's the best they could come up with?! Well, more on that later. In the mean time it seems we got a little investigative work to get done. Here's what we've got so far...
After returning home from a two-week vacation, Dr. Michael Kay reveals what's next on tap for the XSLT Working Group at the W3C: Streaming XML Transformations. Will the combination of a Schema-Aware XSLT processor, streaming XML, and XMPP completely change the way we both think about and implement message processing solutions in the future? It's certainly possible.

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