Proposed API for tools to help educate computer users online

By Andy Oram
August 11, 2008

For several years I have recommended improvements to the tools that software projects use to answer technical questions and provide documentation, such as wikis and mailing lists. My latest contribution is a draft of an API that could be implemented in tools such as IDEs and content management systems:

I'm not a software architect, so I'm seeking all kinds of feedback about whether this API is useful and viable. Although the first 5 pages of the document offer use cases, there are only a few hints throughout the document about what the tools would look like to users. So I've created some mock-ups in the following slide show:

Finally, you should check out the main articles about the principles behind the API:

I really can use feedback to learn whether there are important holes or implementation problems in this proposal. (And even whether the proposal can be understood!)

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