Mighty markup megadose

By Simon St. Laurent
August 15, 2008 | Comments: 1

August markup conferences always leave my brain feeling a bit bubbly. Or maybe it's just melted. As expected, Balisage offered amazing food for thought that should last until next year's event.

One of the fun things about this conference and its predecessors is that the themes that emerge over the course of the conference are rarely the ones I expected when I first explored the program. Threads from individual sessions mingle into a richer conversation. Despite the incredible variety of tasks people try to solve with markup, we can still talk to each other amidst that diversity. The speaker's podium, conversations over meals and drinks, and conversations in the hallways all mingle into complicated but exciting story.


Hugh Cayless explains
applying SVG tools to papyrus

Teasing out some of the threads, there are some common themes. I can't say all of them promise bright sunny futures, but nonetheless they point to useful work.

To learn a lot more about the state of markup today, you may want to visit the (still incomplete) proceedings page. I wish this show was recorded and shared with a larger audience, though I don't think that it can quite be captured that way. Fortunately, it sounds like it will be happening again, in late July or early August of 2009.

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re XML Shell, we have had XML::XSH for quite a long time ... though the perl impl had a lot of deps it demonstrated the same concept.

thx for the overview,


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