RIP: Randy Pausch - Known for the Alice Project and the Last Lecture

By Todd Ogasawara
July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch, PhD, best known the Alice 3D programming environment for kids (of all ages) and The Last Lecture passed away earlier today. I first heard of him a few years ago after learning about the Alice project and, like millions of other people, watched the video of his Carnegie-Mellon Last Lecture presentation titled Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. Coincidentally, I had just finished listening to the audiobook version of the book The Last Lecture last night (co-authored with Jeffrey Zaslow). I don't recall ever reading what might be called an inspirational book in my entire life. This book (a 4.5 hour audio book read by Eric Singer) was worth breaking that streak. You can find more information at...

MSNBC: 'Last lecture' professor dies of cancer

USA Today: 'Last Lecture' professor, Randy Pausch, dies at 47

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