Python Geek Watching: PyAtl July Meeting Notes

By Noah Gift
July 11, 2008

July Atlanta Python Programmer Meeting Recap

Starting at 6PM, a bunch of PyAtl  people met at Six Feet Under, and had a lot of fun just being geeks, and doing stuff like measuring the length of our beards.  After dinner we drove over to our meeting at the Georgia Tech GTRI building, which began at 7:30pm.

Rick Copeland, author of Essential SQLAlchemy gave a talk on, you guessed it, SQLAlchemy.  The talk was recorded and will be posted on soon, but the slides are available now.  It was a pretty interesting talk and I learned a bit about connection pooling and sharding with SQLAlchemy.  One of the nice things about buying the book, is that you can actually bug Rick in person, if you have questions about the book, as you can talk to him at a PyAtl meeting.  I am sure Rick would also appreciate reviews of his book too.

Brandon Craig Rhodes gave a talk on advanced mapping with SQLAlchemy, and I also learned some interesting stuff you could do with mapping, and association proxies.  Before and after Brandon's talk we discussed a bit about SQLAlchemy and one topic that came up was some of the pro and cons of the declarative syntaxes.

Finally, James Fowler  gave a fascinating talk on integrating threads with Event Loops in WxPython.  It was something we had not covered yet, in any of our meetings, and it was quite interesting stuff.  James has promised to do a C++/Python talk soon.

We ended the meeting giving away a huge bounty of goods which includes lots of free books and T-Shirts thanks to both O'Reilly and Apress.  A lively discussion about the next meeting's topic ensued and we decided to talk about WSGI.

August Meeting 

Our August PyAtl meeting  will be about WSGI.  My presentation on building a Pylons, RSS, Ajax blog has been transferred to this meeting.  Rick Thomas will be doing something on WSGI, but we still have room for at least another talk or two.  I think someone should probably discuss middleware, and also WSGI libraries such as WebOb.


On the last Saturday of every month me meet at White Wolf Software, who is hiring btw, to do hands on coding on the Google App Engine.  The details of the meeting are here.  This meeting in particular, is a little bit special as we plan on getting very productive and writing a speaker registration/community blog application on Google App Engine in 4 hours.  We encourage Python programmers all over the world to help if they want to participate.  Ideally a bunch of User Groups could help out and we can get some tool that everyone uses to book speakers in other cities.  This is not an original idea, as Jeff Rush was originally championing it at some point, we really are going to do it this time though!  Email me if you want to participate.

Python Magazine, which quite a few PyAtl people are involved with, is hosting a joint Python|PHP Conference called PyWorks at the end of November, and they are looking for speakers and tutorials.  It is great to hear more validation that Atlanta is becoming a Python hub everyday.  Further Python Magazine news includes Doug Hellmann becoming Editor in Chief, and Jeremy Jones becoming the online editor of the upcoming Python Magazine website.

Brandon Craig Rhodes is currently seeking consulting, speaking and training work, so look out Atlanta, the world, and the Russian Space Station.  It sounds like we need some volunteers to help fill out the PyAtl website with a "Python Business Presence" section.  If you want to do this and don't have the password please contact me.

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