Jesse Robbins Quote from New York Times

By Timothy M. O'Brien
July 5, 2008

Jesse Robbins, Chair of the Velocity Conference, was quoted in today's New York Times in an article On the Web, More Outrage Over Outages written by Brad Stone. Here's a quote:

Jesse Robbins, a former Amazon executive who was responsible for keeping Amazon online from 2004 to 2006, says the outcries over failures are understandable.

"When these sites go away, it's a sudden loss. It's like you are standing in the middle of Macy's and the power goes out," he said. "When the thing you depend on to live your daily life suddenly goes away, it's trauma."

He says Web services should be held to the same standard of reliability as the older services they aim to replace. "These companies have a responsibility to people who rely and depend on them, just as people going over a public bridge expect that the bridge won't suddenly collapse."

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