Free Pylons Book in Alpha Release

By Noah Gift
July 11, 2008

Wow, I just noticed there is an alpha version of the Pylons book out.  I know there are a lot of people using Pylons, see here, here, here.  Finally Reddit, a massive SQLAlchemy+Pylons website, open sourced their code.  Pylons is also working on Google App Engine, see here.

Here are a couple of interesting quotes, 

"Because many of the components weren't initially designed just to be used in Pylons it also means you are much more likely to be able to use them in ways you wouldn't normally expect web framework components to be used in. For example FormEncode is also an excellent general purpose conversion library and SQLAlchemy is used in many projects entirely unrelated to the web. This means that as your applications grow or if your requirements change, Pylons is much more likely to be able to keep pace. "


"Web frameworks such as Django and Ruby on Rails have become extrememly popular in recent years because they provide a structure which allows you to quickly create good-looking websites by defining the way the data is structured. The tools they provide then work on that data to either automatically generate code (scaffold in the case of Ruby on Rails) or to create form interfaces at runtime (as is the case with Django).

Although these frameworks maintain a clean separation between the model, view and controller layers of code, they aren't loosely coupled in the way that Pylons is beacause the ability of the application as a whole to work relies heavily on the glue code found in the framework itself. Although it can be very easy to write a simple application with these frameworks it can also be harder to customize their behaviour later on in a project because doing so frequently involves understanding how the code provided by the framework itself works before you can change its behaviour. To make the framework itself easy to use the framework code sometimes has to be quite complex and as a result customisation can sometimes be rather difficult."

Could Pylons be the next big Python web development buzzword......?

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