Alex Martelli at OSCON: Google's Uber Tech Lead On Code Reviews!

By James Turner
July 24, 2008 | Comments: 3

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Alex Martelli, a well-published Python developer and Google's Uber Tech Lead, has some fairly strong convictions about code reviewing, and he's not afraid to share them. Alex believes that there's not enough code reviewing being done in the open source community, and enumerated several of his convictions for O'Reilly News at OSCON 2008. He also addresses the increasing availability of tools for organizing code reviews, and some lessons that even the largest companies can take to heart.

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non flash version of the video please.

We'll be updating these with downloadable (non-flash) versions soon.

Alex is right, but the 'egoless' programmer is as mythical as the perfect programming language. Criticism is tough when you are getting paid to write code - its much tougher when you are trying to contribute something you have spent hours of your own time developing.

'What happens if this variable is zero ?' would be either ignored or dismissed with disdain on some of the online development forums/mailing lists I've seen. Like most things in IT, the problem isnt the machines/compilers/operating systems.

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