Scott Berkun on CNBC Monday - Watch the first episode

By O'Reilly Media
June 4, 2008

The Human Element, the first episode of a new season of CNBC's Business of Innovation is now online for viewing. This groundbreaking series focuses on how to make innovation happen in order to maintain a cutting edge. And Scott Berkun, O'Reilly's bestselling author of the Myths of Innovation joined this season's panel of experts. Watch the episode now.

The Human Element—"focuses on how innovative companies are coping successfully in a flat world that is globally integrated, where the generation and cultural divide is getting bigger and the choices-for employees and customers-are increasing at lightning speed."

Throughout the new Business of Innovation series, award-winning journalist Maria Bartiromo, CNBC's newsgathering team, Scott Berkun and the expert panel "will demonstrate how to side step the pitfalls and supply real tools and concrete strategies for viewers seeking to innovate in their own organizations."

The five-part series started, Monday, June 2 and will air five consecutive Mondays at 9PM and 12AM ET on CNBC.

For more information about the "Business of Innovation," including a complete rundown of CEO guests and thought leaders, see:

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